Cores are the unsung heroes of flooring. You won't see it, but the right one is waterproof and offers a solid foundation.

That’s especially true when it comes to waterproof floors. So be sure also to know the difference between water-resistant and waterproof.

About WPC and SPC

They refer to wood plastic composite and stone plastic composite. These are technologically advanced cores that offer the highest level of moisture protection.

They won't peel or ripple, no matter how much or how long water exists. In addition, WPC and SPC cores are durable enough to be graded for commercial use.

WPC is softer and more flexible, like a resilient product. On the other hand, SPC is solid, rigid, and has the feeling of a hard surface, like hardwood or stone.

Waterproof flooring options include:

1. Luxury vinyl, with the waterproof PVC vinyl core.

2. Rigid core plank. LVP amped up with SPC cores.

3. Waterproof (vinyl) flooring: Luxury vinyl, engineered to be thicker, durable, and constructed with the WPC or SPC cores.

Is water-resistant the same as waterproof floors?

No. Waterproof floors are entirely impenetrable and constructed of waterproof materials. That means the cores, whether PVC vinyl, SPC, or WPC, are waterproof.

Water-resistant floors repel water for a short time, but liquid eventually breaks through soaks and stains. Their cores may be highly water-resistant and stable, but the possibility still exists.

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