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The tile buying guide

No longer just for the kitchen and bath, tile flooring is now seen in every room in the house. With a high-end, sophisticated style, it is also durable, and low maintenance has longevity and an ability to be mixed and matched to make a unique, personalized design. It comes in an almost unlimited number of colors, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes, all in our tile store in Livermore, CA.

All the tiles we mention can be used as flooring, walls, backsplashes, countertops, and tub/shower surrounds. Please don't use a wall tile on the floor, as they can't accommodate the weight. Be sure to ask about sealing requirements for both the ceramic pieces and their grout lines.

Porcelain tile: adding value to a property

The style conveys a feeling of luxury and quality. Porcelain, a type of ceramic, comes in countless colors and patterns and can look remarkably like wood, making it the ideal choice when you want the look of wood without moisture concerns. Porcelain is also a pleasing echo of stone, such as marble and granite, and can even mimic fabric and leather. With such a great variety, you can create any atmosphere, from modern and sophisticated to a cozy cottage.

Beyond the visual appeal, it's also highly durable. Made from a non-porous clay, together with sand and glass and fired at higher temperatures, it is waterproof, heavier, and denser, appropriate for highly trafficked rooms. Porcelain won't scratch and can stand up to impact, chemicals and staining. However, if it does chip, no one will notice; it is through-body (not to be confused with the color body), meaning that the color and texture go all the way through the piece.

Other ceramic tiles for flooring include:

The 4 X 4 highly designed squares are thinner, and glazing creates a hard outer shell that also makes them waterproof. They are great for moderately heavy foot traffic. Like porcelain, they need regular sweeping with a soft broom and periodic mopping.

Terracotta bricks are ultra-durable and can be used on floors both indoors or out. Mosaics are the tiny, highly decorated, and often glass-coated ceramic tiles that are so popular these days for bathroom flooring because of both design and the many grout lines, which ultimately increase traction. Listellos add the finishing touch as border tiles, and subway tiles should be used on indoor low traffic floors such as in the bedroom.

With the largest selection of flooring in the Livermore area, including tile and more, as well as superior customer service, quality installations, free quotes and design consultations, etc., consider Abbey Carpet & Floor of Livermore your one-stop source. We hope to see you in our showroom in Livermore, CA, convenient to: Livermore, CA, Pleasanton, CA, Dublin, CA, San Ramon, CA and Danville, CA. You’ll be glad you came in!